Just say know or how Leonidas set a turning point


Just say know – a declaration of Timothy Leary´s „Think and act by yourself“. Thanks Tim!

Leonidas and his 300 Spartans – once they gave their lives for the turning point towards a rising democracy in greece. Thanks to Leonidas and the 300!

The turning point – an essay of Fritjof Capra (1982) which tries to give us a new understanding of perception in a holistic way. Thanks Fritjof!

What is DEMIT in this context? DEMIT is a reminiscence to all those who believe in a world of freedom, equality and brotherhood, in a world of respect for life.

No other human than Chief Seattle gave a better statement of what is the basement of the idea of DEMIT:
This we know. All things are connected. Like the blood which units one family. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself. This we know.

This aphorism has been given to us all some hundreds of years ago by Chief Seattle but it is even animated with the highest actuality I can feel and think. Hundreds of million people starve by hunger and thirst, hundreds of million people want to live a free life without occupation of some hundreds who act as if life were only made for them. DEMIT is only a small tool but may be it will have revolutionary consequences. And it´s a child of a man who lives within the so-called civilized post-industrial society in germany. So – please forgive me. I do not know what is good for all of us. I even don´t know anything. But I have an impression of what might be better for us 🙂 Decide by yourself. Think by yourself. And if anybody wants to think and act for you send them into a desert. May be they can find themselves there – may be not…

DEMIT means democratic information technology. You can spell it in the american slip of the tongue, if you want. Damned = demit? It´s your choice 😉

DEMIT was influenced by the philosophy of Timothy Leary´s „Just say know“ and therebye Think und act by yourself. Be your own cybernaut! If you´re the cyber of your boat, never let navigate anybody else your ship!

Democratic information technology might evolve towards or be a combat strategy like the 300 of Spartans with their king Leonidas practised – the so-called phalanx. Democratic efficiency controll of democratic decison making – a vison, an utopia?!

Demit means the turning point in democratic systems in a Capraian way of a holistic system interpretation because demit allows all citizens to give their vote for their environment, their cities, their regions and it means at least a variation of interactivity and interdependance and thereby control of the different governmental levels in each political system.

Democratic information technology wants to give support to all those on the world which fight for democratic rights, which have a concrete idea of human rights and those who work for democratic separation of powers. It´s a vision. Not more but even no less than this.

So – if you´re interested in this theme please have a look on some other essays in this blog. I just tried do explain how DEMIT works there.

It would be a pleasure for me to get a closer contact to others who think and act in a similar way.

Let´s build up a phalanx against those who try to manipulate democratic systems only for their lobby or for their personal and most of the times egocentric welfare. Nothing against the hedonistic way of living but as long as hedonism means welfare of some special interest groups it´s no longer a democratic way of people´s welfare. Democracy means balance of power through legally seperated and guarenteed human rights. And there are more countries without legally guaranteed human rights than countries with functioning democratic systems. For those DEMIT might be an useful instrument to set up democratic structures in their societies.

Never give up your love and hold on!

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