Democratic information technology versus anti-democratic information technology

As I mentioned at another essay on this blog, DEMIT -democratic information technology- is based upon the ambishioned target to get a decision status of all democratically legalized committees by a special software pattern, called DEMIT – democratic information technology. But not only the decision status is a matter of moment, it´s the feedback-system which is inherent to DEMIT. Through your votings as a citizen of your city, community, federal state and even your nation you give a fundamental feed-back towards the democratically legalized decision makers in the relevant unit of your adminstrative and political system. The forward-looking aspect of DEMIT is originated in the fact that the system of DEMIT targets on the intended political decisions which are judged by the administrative boards of the appropriate governmental unit.

So far so good. In the last weeks the headlines of our news were dominated by the seemingly uncontrollable infomation technologies initiated by the secret services in the U.S. and many other nations. Fortunately Mr. E. Snowden blew his whistle over all free und democratic nations of the world, that Big Brother is not longer like a novel. It´s a cristal clear reality. NSA, GCHQ, Bundesnachrichtendienst, Mossad, der russische Sluschba Wneschnei Raswedki (SWR) and many others take alook on our emails, our telephon calls, our search keywords, blogs and many other communications.

So, in this context we can find so called anti-democratic information technologies like PRISM, TEMPORA , XKEYSTORE. Anti-democratic because these programs select data „behind the curtain and within the netstructures“ and control everybody, everywhere at any time apparently. This can´t be a democratic information technology. It´s is cearly a anti-democratic information technology because nobody is able to stop, to vote, to choose or to comprehend for which purpose these data are selected and accumulated, who stores them and how long which data will be stored.

One of the main targets and cheallenges of DEMIT is to present a solution to an inherent dilemma of all artificial systems, even democratic systems: who has the control over those who control the ones which control.

In the case of consideration we have to recognize that huge organisations in the U.S, Russia, China, Great Britain, France, Israel and many other nationswere established in the last decades beyond any democratic and/or public control severe controlling systems.

That means that the Leaders recognize their people as enemies. Wahy do they have this interpretation? Because they´re afraid to get rid of their control pannels, of their power, their money etc..

Unfortunately these intelligence services with all their technical and human equipments always carry the inherent danger of a so-called „ready for occupation dictatorship“ (Interview of TAZ-McGovern, a former CIA-agent,30.10.2013, „Ex-agent to observation „Obamas Angst vor Gehemimdiensten (Obama´s fear of information services)“).

And therefore I write against this special behaviour of our governments that induce hereby a true violation of privacy and in the same time a true structural real threat of all democracies. I Think this behaviour tells us something about the socialized paranoia of special task groups, lobbies and forces. Once a goof friend told me the follwing short story:“ The more jails you build, the more orisoners you´ll need. The more police you´ll establish, the more criminals. The more doctors, the more deseased.

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